Further Writings


“Wind, Leather, Time, Pigs,” 2015, The Manuscript

“Bruises,” 2015, The Manuscript

“Birdy,” 2015, Entropy Magazine

“The Year of Internal Optimism,” 2018, Blanket Sea (Nominated for Best of the Net Award)

“On the Beginnings of a Universe,” 2019, The Fabulist: Words & Art

“Accidents,” 2019, Winner of COG Page to Screen Awards

“Oakland by Night,” 2019, Hobart

“On a Thursday,” 2020, The Fabulist: Words & Art

“The Mothers,” 2021, NIGHTMARE


Fine Scale Association Between Parasites and Sex in Potamopyrgus antipodarum Within a New Zealand Lake, 2018, New Zealand Journal of Ecology

Differential responses of prairie rodents to edge effects from recreational trails, 2020, Nature Conservation


Willow Springs Short Fiction Prize 2021 – Finalist (The Lives of Lonely Monsters)

2022-2023 Hemingway Fellow, University of Idaho