A User’s Guide to the Singular “They” Pronoun

As written by one singular genderqueer person among many. Hi there! Has someone in your life recently come out to you as genderqueer? Did a new friend introduce themself with "they/them" pronouns? Wondering in general what the heck is going on because in your day girls wore pink and boys wore blue and everything seems … Continue reading A User’s Guide to the Singular “They” Pronoun

2018: A Year in Review

It's 5:18AM, Sunday the 23rd of December, 2018, and I'm worrying about dog collars. Well, not dog collars in general, but one dog collar in specific. It's someone's lucky dog collar, in fact, and I'm worrying about it. This to say that 2018 has been filled with the unexpected. Perhaps not unexpected in a vast … Continue reading 2018: A Year in Review