The Coup – The Consequences

I expected this and honestly surprised it didn't happen sooner, but white supremacists are attempting to overturn the election. They are terrorists, and what they are attempting is a coup. Terrorist - a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. Coup - a sudden, violent, and … Continue reading The Coup – The Consequences

Shelter in Place: Day 74

Hello Everyone, It is my second-to-last day in Oakland. Last night there was a protest in downtown Oakland. I did not attend, and I'm honestly not sure what exactly happened. Or more accurately I think everything happened. My guess based on various accounts is that - as seen in Minneapolis and other cities - there … Continue reading Shelter in Place: Day 74

Stephon Clark

March 18, 2018, one week exactly after I turned 25, Stephon Clark, then and now forever 22 years old, was shot to death by Sacramento police officers. He was shot in his grandmother's backyard. He was shot twenty times. He was holding a cell phone. In 2018, to be black and holding a cell phone … Continue reading Stephon Clark

Beginning Thoughts on the Prison-Industrial Complex (PIC) and Abolition

Given the promise of increased criminalization, the promise of increased funding for the police state, and the threat of a heavy-duty deportation machine, it is now more important than ever to defund the prison-industrial complex. If you haven't read "The New Jim Crow" by Michelle Alexander or watched the documentary 13th, add it to your … Continue reading Beginning Thoughts on the Prison-Industrial Complex (PIC) and Abolition