More Updating

Hello All! Just wanted to write a quick post to share some of the cool things that have been happening. This past Sunday, I participated in a one-day workshop hosted by ZYZZYVA. It was exhausting (think six hours straight of literary criticism both given and received), but definitely rewarding. And I was honored just to … Continue reading More Updating

Happy Birthday, Laura’s Blog!

To save you all the trouble of remembering, this weird little blog is now two years old. If my blog were a child it would likely be: Copying others emotionally and socially Getting excited around other blogs Showing defiant behavior Pointing to things in books So, yes, I'd say my blog is right on track! … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Laura’s Blog!

The Monthly Update

Hello Blog-Readers, Whoever you may be, whether inexplicably bored at work or somehow genuinely interested in my ramblings, may you find what you are looking for in these strange little words. Well, it's been about a month since I ranted. I've done some traveling in that time. First, to Minneapolis which I'll just call post-Carleton-Carleton, … Continue reading The Monthly Update