Thoughts at 10:30PM

Well what happens when I drink black tea at 7:00PM is that I have difficulty sleeping.

More than that, I’ve been having trouble falling asleep recently because I keep going over everything I didn’t do but wish I had during the day.

Like for instance, Breonna Taylor’s murderers are still at large. Only one of the – Brett Hankison – has been terminated. (And that is still up for appeal.) Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove still have jobs.

No one has been charged with criminal activity in the case.

Likewise, there was a shooting in Uptown Minneapolis late last night. One person was killed and eleven were injured.

I am saddened for the person who died. Saddened for a community that is already shouldering so much.

I am also having this thought, this nagging thought that won’t go away. And I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory in part, but I also watched that documentary about Fred Hampton, so I don’t think it’s that outlandish.

The thought is this:

If I were writing this series of events rather than witnessing it, I would definitely believe that the shooting was in some way linked to the police. It is all too easy “evidence” that the police are still necessary. It is already being used as justification for the continued existence of the police.

Of course, in viewing the video of the aftermath, it was the community that stepped in to get help. The armed police officers did not apprehend the shooter or protect any civilians.

I am now going to do some stretching before I go down anymore rabbit holes.

Love to you all,


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