Shelter in Place: Day 69

Hello All,

Less than a week now until I leave Oakland.

Today was a scorcher as they say. I went on an early morning walk with a writing friend (distanced, of course) and even then the sun was beating down.

It felt good to see Oakland again. Most of my time here I spent walking or taking public transportation and it is my preferred method of getting to know a place. Walking again reminded me of all the many memories. The good, the bad, the bizarre. The bike shop where I got my bike fixed. My “regular” coffee shop. The places I went with friends or on awkward first dates or sometimes on my own.

It reminded me that I’ve had a really full and rich experience here. And while there are still untold things I might do or see in Oakland, I have no regrets as far as what I did accomplish.

I continue to struggle with wrapping my head around the magnitude of what is happening. There is nothing to which I can accurately compare it. There is nothing in my lifetime that might have prepared me for this.

I still feel at a distance from it. I don’t know anyone first-hand who has contracted coronavirus let alone died from it.

I try to imagine what that would be like. Trying to figure out what I can do to support people who have lost loved ones. Trying not to feel guilty for (so far) getting by unscathed.

I also have an intense fear that just typing this will cause the universe to retaliate.

As usual my only conclusion is that I will continue writing. I will continue to attempt to create communities. I will try to learn as much as I can as things progress.

I am wishing you all the very best.

Much love,


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