Shelter in Place: Day 66

Hello Friends and Family,

Nine days remaining in Oakland. I don’t know if I will ever ride BART again. What a strange thought.

I remember the first time I rode BART. I was taking a trip from Palo Alto up to the city and for some reason I didn’t take the CalTrain. I was so nervous and elated and certain that everyone could tell I was an impostor. I still feel like an impostor but now I’m aware that this is one of the most Bay Area things to feel.

Today I wrote some more on my typewriter. I had a successful harness encounter with Scout (no one got scratched). I hard-boiled some eggs because you never know when it might be the right time for hard-boiled eggs.

I am continuing to struggle with what I actually feel versus what I think I should be feeling. I think I should be feeling a lot of deep and meaningful things. I think I should be thinking and writing life-changing stuff. But, as usual, it’s just day by day by day here. I’ve had a very few epiphanies in my lifetime, but none of them have come during a time of crisis.

All I can do is keep track of the days, keep watch on how I’m feeling, keep in touch with my loved ones.

People often ask me how I do things: come up with ideas or write entire short stories or attempt to eat a face-sized donut. And I think my answer bears repeating now. As I always say, the only way I know how to do anything is carefully. Day by day.

All the love,


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