Shelter in Place: Day 51


I honestly don’t know how I’m doing today.

Especially when writing up these posts, I am trying to find a balance of realism and optimism. I don’t know that I’ve struck that balance yet. I’ll keep working on it.

Today I did my reading for the New England Review. What an honor it has been to read for this magazine for the last six or so months. I feel myself growing as both a reader and a writer. I feel a great deal of responsibility in reading people’s completed work.

In other news, it is becoming increasingly warm here. Scout has started to do his melting-cat routine. He sort of puddles on the carpet and then occasionally moves a few feet and becomes completely horizontal again.

I’m over 500 pages into “The Priory of the Orange Tree”. No spoilers.

My grandmother’s health continues to weigh on my mind. My dad and sister are flying to Florida tomorrow which makes me extremely nervous. But I know that they will take every precaution. And I know how important it is to be with family.

I’m just scared a lot of the time. In some ways it’s a continuation of my normal anxiety. In other ways it just seems like a reflection of our current state of affairs.

Again, working to find a balance between accepting reality and functioning.

Well, anyway. Scout just squeaked his bedtime squeak, so I’ll try to sleep.

All the love,


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