Shelter in Place: Day 50

Hey All,

Today in honor of this, the fiftieth day of sheltering in place, here is a list of 50 things for which I am grateful/ 50 things that make me happy/ 50 things that are good:

  1. Scout – obviously.
  2. The way Scout ignores me for most of the day but always comes and curls up with me at night.
  3. How easy it is to make Scout happy – a little bit of turkey or an old toy suddenly found under the stove.
  4. California weather (or lack thereof).
  5. Weekly check-ins with my writing group.
  6. Receiving surprise books in the mail!
  7. Realizing the surprise books were from the world’s best sister ever!
  8. Weekly Hangouts with my bff/wifey/better half in Minnesota.
  9. Felting small animals with the felting materials sent by my Oregon benefactor.
  10. Realizing that I am the liberal arts of people.
  11. Haikus.
  12. Writing a haiku in my sleep even though all my other writing projects seem to have fallen by the wayside.
  13. Sharing said haiku: “I want a vest of/ reflective material/ so I can be seen.”
  14. My cousin having a baby!!!!
  15. Technology facilitating reunions with family members I don’t often get to see.
  16. Getting paid money for my writing.
  17. The fact that I got into grad school.
  18. Preparing to be a teacher in the fall and planning out my day 1 outfit.
  19. A scrub jay that I saw on my walk this morning. It was so curious and lively and had very beady eyes.
  20. Receiving pet pics from friends and family near and fair.
  21. How clear the stars are in the night.
  22. Watching goofy movies with my mom via Zoom.
  23. The fact that I found housing in Idaho!
  24. The fact that I could actually cover the deposit for the apartment!
  25. The idea that I will be meeting new people in my program.
  26. And that I’ve already started to virtually pester them.
  27. And so far they seem like a really cool group.
  28. Pens that have ink in them.
  29. The first cup of coffee in the morning.
  30. Even though it sometimes stresses me out, the knowledge that I have plenty of time to process and sit with my emotions.
  31. Train whistles in the distance.
  32. Candles.
  33. My typewriter.
  34. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.
  35. Anti-depressants. (Oops just repeated myself!)
  36. My houseplants: Wiley, Jr., Ralph, Phillipa Pott, and the four nameless ones. I love checking in with them every Wednesday. Singing them little songs, watering them, and picking off the dead leaves.
  37. The fact that I really like my sense of clothing style as strange and eclectic as it is.
  38. The fact that I think I have a recognizable “voice” in writing.
  39. Friends, mentors, family.
  40. My older brother’s 45th birthday coming up this Friday! (Or 30th. Or whatever. Who knows.)
  41. Reading for the New England Review.
  42. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  43. Fiction in general for providing readers and writers the ability to explore and enact change.
  44. The fact that I feel really comfortable in my gender expression/ identity and that I’ve been able to be proactive in introducing my pronouns to new people.
  45. Puns.
  46. Oranges.
  47. The outpouring of creativity and community that has made it more clear to me than ever that for every part of humanity that makes me angry or frustrated or disgusted, there are so many people uplifting and re-defining the best of us.
  48. Trees. Flowers. Hills. Mountains.
  49. The fact that before this all went down, I took a bus out to the ocean, waited until the sun had dropped below the horizon, waded into the surf and plunged into the freezing water. I think about that day all the time. How glad I am to have had that experience.
  50. You for reading this. Thank you.

Hope you have a list as long or longer.

Sending love and hope,


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