Shelter in Place: Day 49

Hello Everyone,

It is day 49 of sheltering in place. I don’t remember what the outside world looks like or feels like anymore.

It is incredibly frustrating to know that the more people protest against and behave irresponsibly, the longer those of us who are following the rules will suffer. It feels very much like a crash course in the fundamentals of human society. Specifically: what to do when people stop upholding the basic tenants of a society (i.e. giving up certain rights for the betterment of the group).

It is additionally infuriating that since the majority of those protesting are white, they are seeing an insignificant (minuscule, tiny, lilliputesque) fraction of the push-back from law enforcement that people of color have experienced.

Today I slept in until 11:00AM. I am fairly depressed and sporadically angry.

On the plus side I got to watch the movie “Clue” with my mom. So that was really great. “Clue” is one of my favorite movies of all time because 1) Tim Curry 2) Tim Curry 3) Tim Curry and 4) it is a goofy murder mystery with an upbeat soundtrack.

I wish so much, and I know I’m not alone in this, that the world could return to “normal”. Even though I know there never was a “normal” to begin with. Even though there will never be a “normal” again. I am so overwhelmed by the virulence of the situation that I find myself longing for a comfort that never existed.

At least I have Scout.

Hanging in there as always.

Sending love,




2 thoughts on “Shelter in Place: Day 49

  1. Share your frustrations. I’m hopeful the multitude of people who are building community through all of this will continue on the same path when the threat is much reduced. Feel free to call anytime.


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