Shelter in Place: Day 46

Hello Everyone,

My grandma is doing better today. Was able to go home with my aunt and uncle. So I’m very grateful for that.

Thank you to everyone who reached out. I appreciate the support.

Tomorrow I am going to do laundry and maybe I’ll feel up to writing something a little bit longer.

I have a hard time accepting my emotions for what they are. I think I grew up always wanting to have only the “good” emotions and thinking that the “bad” emotions were something I could dispense with. Now, I think that there are no good or bad emotions, there are just emotions and what they teach us.

So if I share anger or sadness or frustration or anything on my blog, I hope you, the reader, understand that it isn’t a bad thing. This blog is a way to help me recognize and express my emotions as a part of who I am. They are never a constant state.

I know good news and bright attitudes are a particular gift in the world at this time, but I think so is recognizing where people are at, not trying to hide from it. Letting some things shatter us and realizing that we still paradoxically remain whole.

So thank you for giving me a space to shatter.

Much love,


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