Shelter in Place: Day 41

Hello Everyone,

Today I went to the grocery store. It’s so strange that this has become a big outing in my life. For the three thousandth time, I recall exactly how much I’ve been taking for granted in my life.

Things like going outside without a mask on. Or visiting friends. Or going to the library or a coffee shop to write. Or walking to the grocery store and being able to purchase whatever I need.

I miss that.

I miss riding on public transportation. I miss exploring new places and giving hugs.

I don’t even really like hugs, so that just goes to show how much things have changed.

I’m grateful for my family. I’m grateful for my friends. I am grateful for my cat. I am so glad that even though I don’t get to see them, I know the people I love are still near and dear to me.

I am grateful for literature. I am grateful to be able to write. I am grateful that I have still been able to get my anti-depressants. I can’t imagine going through this without them.

I am grateful for my time in California even as it is drawing to a close. It has changed me and made me more of who I am. It has been a time of revelation and exhaustion and joy.

I plan to enter the next chapter of my life with the same gratitude and level of enthusiasm. I have no idea whether everyone will be ready for it, but that’s there problem.

Anyway, tomorrow is day 42. So I might do some sort of Hitchhiker’s Guide themed celebration. Or I might clean the apartment. Either way.

Much love,


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