Shelter in Place: Day 39

Hello Folks,

It’s a Saturday I think. I joined my family in a virtual 5k.

It was my first ever 5k so that was pretty exciting. I probably should have trained for it, but it turned out to be fairly easy at the end of the day. I spotted my 5 K’s very quickly!

Here they are:

  1. King of the Jungle


2. Knitwear (on a dog)


3. Kitten! (Not Scout)


4. Kid’s food (possibly yams?)


5. Keys – sorry this one is a little out of focus. I was tired by the end!


And of course it was only after I had completed my very first, very difficult 5 K that I found out I was supposed to be “running”. Okay. Well.

I’d like to see everyone else’s “K”s. Then we’ll talk.

All jokes aside, I guess I’m doing okay today. A little more on the sad and anxious side than the bright and bubbly, but I have Mr. Scout and I am drinking lots of water, so what else does one need?

Oh, I also read “Stuart Little” to Scout today. I thought he would like to hear about a mouse, but he walked out midway through. I guess it says something about the attention span of kids these days.

See you tomorrow,



2 thoughts on “Shelter in Place: Day 39

  1. Laur, I can totally see how reading Stuart Little to a cat (even one as optimistic as Mr. Scout) could leave you feeling “on the sad and anxious side.” For the opposite effect try reading The Trumpet of the Swan to a puppy. Or, if you want that “just right” experience, read Charlotte’s Web to your herb garden. 😉


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