Shelter in Place: Day 36

In case I didn’t make this intention clear at the beginning: I plan on writing one blogpost a day until Shelter in Place ends. Depending on how stable I am at that point, I might even continue writing one per day for the rest of my existence. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Anyway. Today It was a beautiful spring day, the finest one could imagine. I spent most of the day finishing “Jane Eyre”. I have to admit I have a slightly more complex understanding of Mr. Rochester than previously. I’m still not okay with his treatment of his first wife, but as far as Jane… It’s kind of like when you have a friend who starts dating someone you’re not too sure about. Eventually you just have to admit that if you trust them, then you trust that they’ve picked someone good.

I like Jane Eyre enough, and at the end of the day, I trust that she chose what she wanted. What more can you ask from a 19th century novel?

Otherwise, I’m going to be registering for classes soon! I’m beyond excited.

All the love,


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