Shelter in Place: Day 30

What a week it has been.

Last Wednesday, I applied for unemployment. Last Saturday, my uncle passed away. On Tuesday, I was accepted into grad school.

My life has always been on the eventful side of things, but this is a bit much even for me.

All I can really do is take it one day at a time. As more days pass, I see more and more ways that my uncle’s community is honoring him including a luminaria ceremony and proposing to rename a band stand after him. It really drives home how much he cared for his community. It inspires me to work towards having that kind of impact wherever I end up and everywhere I pass through on the way there.

As I think about leaving Oakland, I am starting to reflect on the ways the community has shaped me. It has been a unique experience living here. I feel truly grateful for the people I have met. I wrote a post when I first moved out here about the vibrancy of the place, and I feel it even more deeply now that I’ve been here nearly four years. I won’t get too nostalgic yet because I’ll still be here a few months more, but I am already brainstorming ways to contribute before I depart and ways to celebrate what a wonderful, complicated and often difficult time it has been here.

If I’ve learned anything it is that communities are special and they don’t appear without hard work and commitment.

With much love to you and your communities everywhere,


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