Shelter in Place: Day 25

Here we go again!

Yesterday was National Sibling Day! Happy belated sibling to all my nationals.

No, in all seriousness, every day is like sibling day when you grew up with my three goofs. Sending them love from Oakland as always.

Today I had a good conversation about what I’m going to do with myself. I think (as of now) I’m going to move to Boise, Idaho when this year’s lease is up. If anyone has advice or thoughts, feel free to contact me.

Otherwise it’s a gray day here. I’m sleepy. I’m doing my laundry.

I’m thinking of ways to develop my resources. Not the financial ones per se, but the emotional reservoirs and psychological support systems. They feel fairly depleted at the moment.

I’ve been re-building them through the following: talking to friends and family, petting Scout, spending time focusing on my breathing, doing work that feels useful, watching the sky, sitting by the window, slowly turning into my cat.

I think I’ll keep it short for today.

Lots of love,


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