Shelter in Place: Day 18

Well howdy everybody,

We’re now creeping towards the three week mark. Hard to believe.

Really and truly it is hard to believe.

I’m doing better today than I was yesterday. Something about new days and all. It’s gray and rainy here in Oakland. The only sound are Scout’s little wheezing cat snores and the swish of a few passing cars.

I am very tired, but nothing some hydration and water can’t fix.

Something I’m working on today is accepting where I am at. Internally, externally, physically, emotionally. I am where I am at. There is joy in recognizing that.

I do a lot of different writing projects. Sometimes I forget that. At any given time I am reading for the New England Review, writing posts for PopSugar, writing posts for this personal blog, writing and submitting short stories, updating my Patreon account, and usually journaling. It is honestly enough to be a full-time job even if I am not paid accordingly.

For now, though, I recognize how little control I have in the response of other people. I can only control what I produce. I want to be proud of what I write. I want to improve.

So, that’s where I’m at today.

Will probably take a nap. Scout makes it look so appealing.

Much love,


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