Shelter in Place: Day 14

Hello Friends and Family,

It has now been two weeks since shelter in place was instituted. I have left the apartment twice: once to the grocery store and once to mail a letter. Otherwise, I go on my little daily walks and stay indoors talking to Mr. Scout more and more.

Isn’t that right, Mr. Scout? Yes, it is!

In the past two weeks it feels like I’ve taken an involuntary trip to a strange new planet. I am trying to relearn the basics of survival. I am grateful for things like air and food. It seems increasingly likely that the Bay Area will remain in shelter in place into May, and likewise increasingly likely that I will not have a job for much longer if that is the case. But I’m trying to stay positive and focused on the things that really matter.

To that end, I’m fully committed now to two things: 1) improving my writing and 2) not having a breakdown. I’m not completely sure how well I’m doing on either of these goals, but at least I’ve written them down. As everyone knows, writing down and sharing goals increases their likelihood of success.

As far as the writing is concerned, I’m continuing with my practices: writing daily, editing as often as possible, reading books that I can use as examples, keeping an eye for the detail. I’m reminded again of the similarities and overlapping skills between being a good researcher and being a good writer. Both require great attention to detail, carefully kept notes, trial and error, eliminating the steps that are not working, being a little bit mad, and the ability to communicate discoveries.

Some recent discoveries: there is an orange cat in the house across the way. I’m trying to become friends with it. I’m also trying to get Scout to do the same. I have created a new concoction which is rice, lentils, ranch dressing, and hot sauce. I can’t tell yet if it’s genius or disgusting.

I am very very very tired of staring at my screen all day.

So, I guess that’s all for day 14. I’ll be here writing through the duration.

Thanks for being you,


P.S. Yesterday, my friend commented that she took my sign-off as a command to laugh and I really liked that. So, there you go. LAF!

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