Shelter in Place: Day 12

Good morning, everyone!

It is Day 12 of shelter in place. Yesterday, I walked to a mailbox a few blocks away and mailed a letter. I have never felt so stressed out about a simple walk before!

I feel constantly on edge when I’m outside the house. Suddenly I wish I were better at judging distances. Here’s my inner-monologue on the trip to the mailbox:

Laur: “Lalala, oh it’s nice to be outside.”

Sees another person.

L: “OH GOD!”

Person turns down another street.

L: “That was close. Too close. I can’t be taking risks like this. What will happen to Scout if I die? What if I somehow infect someone else even though I haven’t gone anywhere other than the grocery store once 10 days ago??? Well, I have to mail this letter. Onwards and upwards.”

Sees a person standing about a block away. 

L: “Oh no.”

The person doesn’t move as Laur approaches.

L: “OH NO.”

The person turns to look at Laur as they awkwardly near. 

L: “OH NO.

Laur smiles while side-stepping into the street. 

L: “Was that 6′? Did that person think I was avoiding them? I’m not trying to be rude! I’m just trying to stay safe! Maybe I should go back and explain? From 6′ away? Was that 6′???”

The mailbox approaches. 

L: “Wait. How do I do this?”

Looks at letter. Looks at mailbox. Looks back at letter.

L: “I should have brought one of those grippy things. Why don’t I have a grippy thing? I need to buy a grippy thing. But I need to save my money for rent and groceries. Should I ask my housemates about doing a rent strike? But we all still have jobs so that seems like a pointless gesture. Unless the other people in our apartment complex are out of jobs and they need the solidarity. I should ask them if they still have their jobs. But that would require me to leave the house… Oh god.”

Mailbox still sitting there. 

L: “Here goes nothing.”

Laur opens the mailbox with a sleeve and drops the letter like it’s hot. 

L: “It’s done. It’s over. Now I know what Frodo felt like on Mount Doom.”

Looks around. 

L: “So where’s the giant eagle to carry me home?”


Will write more tomorrow,


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