Shelter in Place: Day 9

Hello friends, Romans, and the few beleaguered readers who have staggered in from the cold, looked around, and realized this was not where they meant to be,


It is Day 9 here, and I’ve decided that today I will stay inside, work remotely from home, and maybe avoid all physical human interaction. (I’m re-framing it as a choice to make myself feel better.)

Updates from yesterday: I made thumbprint cookies, I ate those thumbprint cookies, I continued to work on a group project for work that mostly involved me yelling various food items at my computer screen.

We also went through a leadership training session. For those who don’t know, I went to a boarding school (I know). In said boarding school, I not only took four mandatory years of classes, but was also REQUIRED to be a “leader” for the last two years. In addition, I attended a Youth Leadership conference the summer after my sophomore year, AND I was a co-captain of the Speech and Debate team my senior year and editor-in-chief of the school newspaper my junior and senior years.

Oh, and I was an RA for three years in college.

Let’s just say I’m not sure how many more leadership seminars I can take before I just start shouting the word “LISTEN” over and over again.

Yesterday’s training involved: one man suggesting we read “the Machiavelli”; several men dominating the conversation around “survival skills”; and me tuning everyone out while aggressively humming “Orinoco Flow” by Enya with my screen on mute.

I feel that I have truly come into my own as a leader.

If anyone actually cares, which I know none of my male co-workers do, here’s what I think about leadership.

Leadership is about listening to the needs of your followers/group/team/ community, and coming up with a plan to meet those needs. This plan should be based on information collected from both experts and the people it immediately concerns. A leader then and only then can do their level best to ensure that people are working in accordance with the plan and that the need of the community is going to be met.

It is not surprising that most people tend to focus on the “ensuring people work according to the plan” and forget the more important steps of listening, listening, and also, listening.

But you know, what do I know, I’m just a non-binary human, and most people assume I’m a woman anyway.

And it’s going to be AT LEAST four more years until we have a woman president. So.

That’s how I’m doing today!

All the love from your fearless leader,


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