Shelter in Place: Day 1

For those not aware, some counties in Northern California are under orders to “shelter in place“. Basically, we are restricted from leaving the home unless we work in an essential industry (health care, garbage, mail, food delivery, grocery stores) or to enact essential tasks (finding food, receiving health care etc.). This will be in place until at least April 7th.

So, of course, I thought I would blog about it. Now, technically this was set in place yesterday, and even more technically I’ve basically been doing this since Monday, but for the sake of tidiness, I’m going to say today is Day 1.

Here are some of the things I’ve done already:

  1. Cleaned the bathroom. If I’m going to be stuck in the apartment, it is going to be a CLEAN apartment. I’m going to figure out whatever grouting is and clean that, too! Maybe I’ll even give Scout another bath. Who knows?
  2. Knit a hat. I’ve been doing finger-knitting for a few years now. Just hats, but it doesn’t sound as cool if I say that. So, I knit another hat that is, as ever, too small for an adult head. (I either get bored too easily or just don’t know what size a human head is supposed to be.)
  3. Lost some packages. Big bummer. There are two packages that I know of that were delivered and have mysteriously disappeared. This could be the perfect time to begin my career as a private investigator! All I need is a trench coat and a mustache.
  4. Was rejected from grad school. Sort of a bummer, but I’m mostly fine about it. As some of you know, I applied to three grad programs in a fit of temporary optimism in the fall. I’ve been wait-listed at one, rejected by another, and still waiting on that irascible third! I also received a rejection notice from one of the literary agents I queried about my short story collection, so I’m feeling pretty good about my writing chops at the moment!
  5. Started meditating again. Pretty par for the course, I think. Things get stressful, I suddenly remember that I have some great tools to deal with it! I love breathing, and now seems like a good time to do it again.

That’s mostly it for day 1. I’ll try to keep you all informed as time progresses. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate everyone’s support. Know that I am sending it back as well! Much love and encouragement to everybody!


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