Life Update 2019

Hello All,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

So, to start out with, the beginning of this year hasn’t been easy. As you may be aware, I struggle with chronic depression, vacillating between fairly functional to suicidal to everywhere along the line.

So it goes.

I returned to the Midwest recently, to the cornfields and the rolling skies and religion. While there, I had the chance to realign.

I don’t blame myself for my depression (anymore), but there are things I could be doing better to help myself. Such as eating vegetables, drinking less, and actually moving around from time to time. It’s not easy, but I know it helps.

And I’d like to write more.

I’m working on a short story collection called “Queer Fiction”. It’s a collection that I’ll be taking to literary agents later this year. (So if you know any literary agents… hit me up.) It’s been a long time in the works: some stories from as far back as college and others I wrote this year.

I’m also applying to MFA programs in the fall, hoping to attend in 2020. (So if you know any MFA programs… hit me up.)

In addition to all that, I’d like to return to posting regularly on this blog. I know that people have appreciated it in the past, and I hope to provide some relatable content once more. Maybe that long-promised post on Dirty Dancing.

Right now I’m working on a… story? blogpost? essay? Something? about growing up gay in an Evangelical community.

So, hopefully that’ll come out sooner rather than later. (Pun.)

Anyway, thank you to all of you who follow me. It’s greatly appreciated and I’ll be back on the map before too long!

All the best,

One thought on “Life Update 2019

  1. Marvelous to hear from you. I arrived in Gilbert, AZ today to spend 5 days with Jerry and Joan. Mark’s oldest daughter and her husband from California are at our house with Mark.
    I enjoyed getting my Bachelors at the Evergreen State College here in Olympia. You might check to see if they have an MFA program.
    Much love to you,

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