Life Update: August 2018 Edition

Hey kids and kittens!

It’s been half a minute since I wrote something on here, so let’s dust it off and see what we’ve got.

What a year, friends, and it isn’t even over yet! In the last few months since returning from Europe, I moved apartments, started a new job, and then another new job, and got two more short stories accepted for publication!

In addition, I’ve been working through some pretty intense emotional blocks around relationships, trust issues, and intimacy, as well as starting to explore the world of drag (Right??? How has it taken me so long?), and raising a feisty little boy tiger.

And I’m still writing every day.

So, life is what it is.

I know there’s a lot in there that’s worth unpacking, and I hope to have the time and space to do so in the future. But for now, let me just briefly say, I’m doing well. I am writing and working on my internal landscape. I feel loved and supported and still sending out the love and support to you all as well.

And in spite of (because of?) everything I’m actually having quite a lot of fun, trying new things, exploring, learning, growing, living, laughing, loving etc etc etc.

All good things to all who are reading.

Oh, you can also purchase an actual book that has my writing in it here. But feel no pressure to do so. It’s just exciting that it exists.


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