Signs You May Be a Bookish Human

Yep, I’m still here. Still searching for a job and a place to live. Still scared out of my mind most days. Still angry. Still ranting. Still writing.

I thought I’d write a fluff post for the fun of it. It’s a list, because I guess we all think in lists now.

Signs You May Be a Bookish Human

1.) As a child the worst punishment was being told you couldn’t read for an hour.

2.) Likewise, while a small human, you were told multiple times not to read while walking (especially while crossing the street).

3.) A common tactic to infuriate you was to hide the book you were currently reading. (Staying mad, Sarah. Staying mad.)

4.) You knew the librarians by first name.

5.) You were shelving books before you were riding your bike.

6.) You got frustrated with your elementary school’s library because you’d finished all the books by the time you were in fourth grade.

7.) You knew how many pages per hour you could read (the answer was 100).

8.) You memorized the Dewey Decimal System before you knew who Britney Spears was.

9.) You nearly bankrupted the school by over-achieving in the Accelerated Readers program. Eventually the teacher said you couldn’t get candy bars every time you finished a book the same as the other kids. Probably better this way.

10.)  People have been asking you for book suggestions since you were ten.

11.) Although basically every other aspect of your dream house has changed over the years, there is always a library and there is always a reading nook.

12.) When packing, you fit your clothes in one box, your dishes in three, and your books in five.

13.) You are always working on at least two books at any given point in time. In case you get bored of one, you can always switch to the other.

14.) There is no greater source of shame than when you must admit to not having read one (or many) of the classics. Don’t talk to be about Moby Dick.

15.) You giggled at at least half of these.

There you go. I made a list for the internet. My work here is done.

P.S. I totally solved another Agatha Christie mystery! At Bertram’s Hotel. This brings my total up to two.

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