Black Lives Matter

CW: Discussion of murder, racial violence, sexual assault.

Was going to write a post about my move to California, but police officers are murdering citizens. again.

Sorry, did I wake up in an alternate reality where the police are hired to hunt down black men? Oh, wait. No, that’s just the United States.

I need to stop being shocked every time this happens. Every time. This isn’t anything new. It was written into our constitution. A black person is worth 3/5s of a white person. That was in the constitution. Right there.

This is nothing new. White people have been killing black people since we enslaved them and brought them here to work our cotton fields. Since we raped them and then enslaved those children. Since we took their languages, took their cultures, stole their music, stole their clothing. Since we did everything we could to beat them down and break them.

We declared war on black people when the first slave ship arrived on our shores.

No, white people, we can’t hide behind the curtain of “But I’m a good white person. I’m not racist.” If you aren’t actively fighting against the system that your ancestors created, the same system that benefits you every. single. day. the same system that protects you from seeing people like you strangled, shot, imprisoned like animals, if you aren’t fighting against it, then you are part of it. Our silence is the strongest weapon that the white supremacy has.

So stop being shocked and start voting, petitioning, protesting, educating yourself, moving, shouting, screaming. Write a new future. Create a new narrative.

Imagine a world where police officers are selected from their communities (dare I say… elected?). A world where officers are trained to educate people about the laws, the systems that hold us in place, mental health issues, and non-violence.

You have to believe in it before it can exist. “Reality” and “practicality” are as real and practical as we believe them to be.

Believe in a world where we don’t wake up to senseless, infuriating, painful, horrifying deaths. Every. Single. Day. Believe in a world where we love one another, where that loving overcomes the scars and hatreds of the past. A radical love. A deep love. A love that believes in change.

It’s been 400 years. 400 years. 400 years and not a day more.

Black. Lives. Matter.


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