If You’re Going to San Francisco

Give me a call!

Yes, so in case you missed my massive amounts of Facebooking, I am moving to California… next week.

It’s kind of a crazy thing to do, but then again, I’m kind of a crazy person. Actually. My brain isn’t wired normal. You can check out previous posts to learn more!

“Laura, what are you doing in California?”

Good question, person interested in my life, I have no idea! Probably finding a job and continuing to work on my writing. I’m applying to a kickass journalism fellowship that I will never in a million years get. So that will be fun! Otherwise… just… participating in the capitalist struggle for more!

“Wait, then why even are you going to California?”

Another good question! Maybe you should apply for the journalism fellowship! Just kidding. Please don’t. So, it started out I had this plan to work for Epic for a year and pay off all my college loans …


So that didn’t work out. But while I had that plan in mind I started looking at other places to potentially move to, and the more I looked the more things pointed to San Francisco. Because 1) it’s on the ocean, 2) it’s on the West Coast 3) hippies 4) awesome literary community 5) awesome biology opportunities 6) Ghirardelli.

So I thought, might as well try. And plus, after I live in San Francisco for a while, everywhere else will seem so affordable by comparison! Setting myself up for success.

Things I will miss about Wisconsin:

  1. The people. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all the people I met this year, especially at the Great Dane. I had no idea what I was signing up for when I agreed to work as a hostess, but it was like finding a second family. I felt so welcomed and supported from day one and I will always be grateful to everyone there. Thank you for putting up with my stupid questions, my strange outfits, and my general aura of awkward. I hope that you know underneath my thick layer of shyness there is just a mass of love for all of you.
  2. The cheese and beer. I know there’s all those commercials about happy cows in California, but I’ll believe it when I see it. There’s no cheese like Wisconsin cheese and I’m gonna stand by that. Also probably no beer like Wisconsin beer. I’m less of a beer connoisseur. I did only recently graduate from drinking….Boxer…

Things I will NOT miss about Wisconsin:

  1. The winter. Okay, all you people with your winter sports and you hot chocolate and your whatever else, no. I am done with winters. NO MORE WINTER. No, Ned, winter is not coming! Not for me! Never again! I don’t like being cold. I’m cold all the time. Even in summer. So, no.
  2. The super aggressive blackbirds. They know what they did.

So, yep. I’m moving to California. No, I don’t really have a plan. Yes, I’m really freaking out about that, but I keep telling myself you gotta jump if you’re gonna fly. Or fall…

If you have advice, if you’re going to be in the area, or if you just want to say hello, drop me a line!

All the rambling love!

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