The Monthly Update

Hello Blog-Readers,

Whoever you may be, whether inexplicably bored at work or somehow genuinely interested in my ramblings, may you find what you are looking for in these strange little words.

Well, it’s been about a month since I ranted. I’ve done some traveling in that time. First, to Minneapolis which I’ll just call post-Carleton-Carleton, and then to… Carleton… which I’ll just call… Carleton.

It was wonderful to see people (and I’ll return for those who I missed!), but it was also wonderful to get something I suppose I’d call akin to closure.

For the first three months of adulthood, as I’m sure most squeaky new adults from Carleton might attest (unless I’m just on my own weird little roller coaster over here), it’s been difficult not to fall into the following trap: gee, this adulting thing is super hard,  wasn’t life so much easier back in school? I wish I were back there right now… But going back to Carleton made me realize, no, I really don’t want that at all.

I loved my time at Carleton. I was lucky enough to feel positively about my college decision, that it was the right place for me despite all its various flaws and shortcomings. And furthermore, I was privileged enough to get pretty much everything I wanted to out of my time there. (There’s a whole bunch of class-based and race-based discussions I could get into here. It’s so much easier to “enjoy college” when you fit into certain demographics.)

I had stupid freshman crushes, started singing in an a cappella group, briefly did musical improv (ohhhhh boy), became an RA, made new friends, studied abroad, declared a major, studied abroad again, fell in love, fell out of love, made terrible decisions, made good decisions, wrote horrible short stories, made new friends, discovered alcohol (sorry, Ma), entered a Hobbit fan competition, went to Rotblatt (just the once… and nope I didn’t play. COME AT ME, BROS), danced in Ebony, saw T-PAIN, touched Schiller, submitted to the CLAP (yes, I’m just pandering now), discovered I had depression, cried a lot, made new friends, was a hippie in a musical, baked cookies in Dacie Moses, jumped in the Cannon, made a whoooooooole bunch of puns, and then finally, on that soggy soggy day a few months ago, I graduated.

Seriously, what else is there to college? I think that’s about it. Oh. I guess I went to classes at some point in there.

Going back to Carleton really drove home, that, yes, I had an amazing time there, and yes, right now my “adult-life” is not exactly peaches and cream. But that chapter of the adventure is over. And the next one has to begin, as they always do, one word at a time.

Sorry for the cheese, but I do live in Wisconsin now.

One thought on “The Monthly Update

  1. This is how I feel post-Culver. It’s a bit like finding the lamppost in the Narnian woods and then falling out of the wardrobe back at home suddenly.


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