Real-Life Laura Hacks

Hey Gang!

What another post??? Already??? Slow down, crazy! Slow down!

Well, I’ve been kind of a bummer lately. But luckily I have some really great family members and friends (shout-outs to Saber, Morgan, Dimitri, and the Maber) who have been reminding me of all the good stuff as well. So I wanted to return the favor by displaying some of the “cool” things that have been going on in my life.

This is specially dedicated to Sarah A. “Muscles” Milstein because her Netflix isn’t working and she said Facebook is boring. This one’s for you, bby grill!!!

Laura Hack #1

Congratulations! Your roommate brought you quarters because she is an angel (#classiccricket) and didn’t want to be living with someone who smells like 2014. You now have clean laundry! But oh no! Some of it’s a little damp and you have no towel rack!

Bike Rack

Bike Rack

Have no fear, your handy dandy bike-drying-rack is here! Aka … the Bike Rack! (Also that’s my new bike. Her name is Christmas and I love her.) Simply drape clothing articles festively across lovely metal frame and wait! (What do you mean metal rusts? I don’t know what you’re talking about! I’m a biology major!)

Laura Hack #2

Mash-up Playlists

Okay, this is kind of one that I already bragged about, but I’m too excited. Tired of having to switch between your favorite pop hits and the classics you were raised on? Simple! Combine the two into one unbelievable playlist! Examples: JT Play (Justin Timberlake meets James Taylor… the results are guaranteed to please!), Simon&Garfunkel&Beyonce (all hail the only living girl in New York, she woke up homeward bound), and Lana del Ray Charles (they talk about mostly the same things…).

Laura Hack #3

Stuffed Animals as Friends

Tired of making awkward social advances at work? Traveling in the evenings just too exhausting??? How about trying Stuffed Animals instead of Friends!! Pros: cost effective, adorable, everyone laughs at your puns, less criticism, more cuddling. Cons: likelihood of actually making friends following this endeavor… 0.

My main man

Unbearably cute.

Laura Hack #4

Shower Snax

I’ve talked about this one before, but never in public. Imagine with me people. It’s the morning. You’re tired and groggy. You glance at your alarm clock and goodness look at the time! There’s no way you’ll have time for both a shower and breakfast!

But wait! Shower Snax to the rescue! Simply pop into the shower, ingest the snax and you’re on your way.

My test groups have been asking nosy questions about the logistics. “What do you mean?” they ask. “What do you mean, ‘what do I mean?’?” I respond. “Wouldn’t it get soggy?” they ask. “Not if it’s soup!” I say. “Or hot chocolate! Or oatmeal!” “That’s gross,” they say. Then they walk away.

See Laura Hack #3

Possible Shower Snax.

Possible Shower Snax.

Finally Laura Hack #5

Call your family and friends.

I forget from time to time, because I’m weird and spend way too much in my head, but there are people out there who love me. And I hope and believe people out there who love you, too. Yeah, it’s now a bit awkward because we’ve been trained to spend the majority of our lives stuck behind screens, but call the people who are important to you. I doubt you’ll look back years from now and wish you’d spent less time connecting with the people you love.


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