That’s weird.

I don’t know why I keep doing this.

When I started, I didn’t really expect anyone to read it. I still don’t. Despite my statistics showing that I’ve had somewhere close to 2,000 viewers from countries as far reaching as Japan and even our neighbor to the north. I still don’t trust computers, so I’ll assume those are all just moths caught in the wiring.

I also had a very different vision for this blog starting out. I thought it would be a place for me to dump about books and movies and prairie plants. You know, normal, focused, meaningful content. Now, though, this thing sprawls from brief life updates to strange rants about institutional racism.

A few cool things have happened because of this blog. I know that I’ve inspired at least two other people to start blogs of their own. Nothing to motivate someone like lowering the bar. Other stuff like people have actually come up to talk to me because of this weird blog-y thing. Which is strange.

The best part, though, is the very rare occasions when someone has said “what you wrote helped me to better understand what I was thinking”. Maybe that only happened once or twice, but it was enough to encourage me to keep going.

So, yeah, sorry for all those who were hoping this would be a temporary thing. I think I’ll keep word-vomiting on the internet until someone starts charging me for it.

Thanks to everyone whose been kind enough to read this! I appreciate every bit of support.


One thought on “MY BLOG IS OVER A YEAR OLD

  1. Always great to get a glimpse of your interesting and entertaining brain! Please don’t stop word-vomiting on the interweb (that thing with email).


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