Bursting the Bubble: Life Post-School

Hey! It’s me again! Back from the terrifying territory of Life Without Internet! In a lot of ways that’s a way better life. Now all my productivity is being eaten up by re-watching Scrubs! Ah well.

So a few updates. I graduated as you may have read in my month-ago post. I then worked reunion as a 25 year Class Host. That was pretty exhausting but also enjoyable. Highlight for me was the parade of classes, watching as all the years from 50 down to 5 marched passed and said the same exact thing “It’ll go by before you know it.”

That’s good. Glad my life will disappear before I even realize it! Thanks, guys!

But really it was an awesome experience.

I then went on a whirlwind trip to the West Coast starting with an inspiring visit to a family reunion. Turns out pretty much everyone in my family is talented and encouraging. I can only hope that if my fifty years do go by in the blink of an eye, I’ll be something like my relatives at the end of it.

I then headed up to Seattle for the first time ever! I pretty much just sat there and said “But you’re not allowed to have mountains AND water AND trees” over and over again. And I ate a cupcake, so it was an alright trip.

About a day later I headed back down to Portland and then road-tripped all the way down to Los Altos. And by road-tripped I mean I sat in the car and listened to Douglas Adams as Avery did all the driving. It was pretty stellar. I saw the ocean again for the first time in a year! What???

After a day in Los Altos (I wasn’t joking about the whirlwind thing), I headed back to Indiana and two days later I was all packed up and moving to my new apartment in Wisconsin! Thank you so incredibly much to Jay, Ma, and Grandpa for helping me with everything! I was pretty cranky that first day. It was in retrospect a bit much to put myself through in such a short amount of time.

My lovely room!

My lovely room!

But now it’s been about a week and a half at the job. It’s overwhelming and a little crazy but the people are friendly and the work promises to be interesting. I’m hoping to spend more time exploring Madison and the surrounding area and, of course, actually getting some writing done. So hopefully this blog thing will be a little more up to date in the future.

Obligatory first day of work picture. Sorry.

Obligatory first day of work picture. Sorry.

Now that I know how to work with computers and all.

I promise there will also be further rants with much more substance to come in a bit! Thank you as always to the wonderful people in my life for being wonderful. I’d love to get updates from anyone brave enough (or bored enough?) to read this through to the end!

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