An Update on Laura’s Life (Only for Those Interested)

It’s been a busy week. Everyone please take a deep breath on my behalf. Done? Good.

A busy week, but mostly, if not all, good things.

My mother got married! Only so many times you get to say that. What a wedding it was, just the kids and the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. deVillier. Strong: Laura winning the bet on how many times Ma would cry. (Correct answer: over 5.) Super Strong: Adam’s roast. Life-changing: Having new siblings in the family! Welcome to John and Christina!

Other things of note:

My hair is now 80’s-aerobic-instructor length.

A short story that I entered into a contest received honorable mention! What? Maybe I don’t suck at writing! Who knew?

I met my great aunt Hulda on the drive home. I will write a more in-depth post about that.

Further items I may not have mentioned yet:

I have a job for next year, working at Epic.

I turned in my senior thesis. Time to sit back and let the stress shift from writing the thing to worrying about how stupid the thing makes me look. At least I got to look at pictures of bats.

My classes for next term are out of this world: A German class called “Murder, Mystery, and Madness”, Shakespeare I, and Creative Travel Writing. Yes, please. Sign me up.

In conclusion to this sporadic flop of a post: 2014 is coming to a good end. More about my thoughts on its conclusion in December most likely. And a post about prairies and relatives in a bit.


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