Just Keep Moving: The Battle of Helm’s Deep is Over, the Battle for Middle Earth has Begun

Haven’t posted in a while. A lot has been going on.

First, my job in the Hernandez lab has come to a close. Though as Dan informed us, the Hernandez lab is forever. He couched this in terms of rights and responsibilities. We receive free advice and willingly given letters of reference with the stipulation that if we move somewhere cool Dan is always allowed to crash on our couch.

I’ll hopefully be in New Zealand at some point in my life, so Dan, I’ll look for a comfy couch!

Second, my job as a Resident Assistant beginning the afternoon of Friday after four hours in lab. It was a busy day.

RA training this year started at camp, as opposed to ending with it. I’m torn about training, because on the one hand I’ve done this and things like it an untold number of times. On the other hand each year there are new people to get to know. I figure if I’m required to do it, I might as well have a good time. And it’s pretty easy to have a good time canoeing, swimming, and talking with really amazing people.

One of the last activities we had was something similar to the “Starting Line” activity I’ve played before. Basically a statement was read and if you identified with it you stepped across the line. The twist was that upon stepping across the line the leader of the activity would then read a series of stereotypes or insults commonly associated with that statement. As you might imagine it got pretty intense at points.

It really allowed me to see, though, the many ways in which our differing identities combine and the way that people transcend the stereotypes and insults used against them. It reminded me, too, of the importance of listening to everyone’s story. We’re all coming from different places despite our possible assumed similarities. And on the other hand we’re all similar in many ways despite our assumed differences.

That’s a broad generality, but as I said. Just got back from RA camp. Cut me some slack.

Will try to keep you updated on life more regularly, and perhaps even post some more of that fiction nonsense of which I’m so fond.

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