A Brief Apologia

I’m not currently traveling. I’m not doing research on the cure for any sort of disease. I’m not even in classes at the moment, it being summer and all, but I am still writing. And I’m still thinking thoughts about things, things that I somehow feel would benefit other people.

So I’m going to post things I suppose, and people can or can’t read them depending on their preference.

What could I possibly have to write about? Books, movies, new exciting plant species that I’m learning to identify, the latest Northfield Gossip, maybe if I grow bold some of my worse short stories and short short stories. Get excited.

I’m currently thinking a lot about Dirty Dancing, so get ready for that to hit the webs sometime this week. Possible titles: Dirty Dancing: Better than You Might Think; Dirty Dancing: Why Would You Ever Watch the “Sequel/Prequel”; Dirty Dancing: Beyond Patrick Swayze in Black Pants.

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